Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25

From Becky

On our way again this morning. Hope to be in the marina between noon and one. Still fighting major currents!! Hope the river is low enough to let us under the I-5 bridge without having them open it!!

In St. Helens for the night

From Becky

10:30 pm and we are in St Helens. Goodnight!!!

Slogging along

Wow!! We are on our way but at a snails pace. Fighting almost a 3 knot current makes for slow going!! But we have been shedding layers and it is a BEAUTIFUL day on the river!!

*Update: still almost five miles from Longview may have to arrive in St Helens after dark or just run through the night. Fighting a 3+ knot current is the pits. Coming through some of the narrow channels we are down to 2.5 knots or less. Sauntering speed. Wait Bob just said we are going to stop in behind Walker Island and be on our way again by 5 in the a.m. So there you have it!! Two miles from Walker. No place else between here and SH.

**Belay that last update!! We are now continuing. Not sure for how long or to where. Bob wasn't kidding when he said, "for the first time I don't have a plan.". And a once again Ian along for the ride!!

July 24

From Becky:
Stardust and crew are on their way up river to Portland. Left Astoria at 6 this morning. We should be able to get to St Helens before dark. Then it will be...knock easy run to Salspar Marina on Hayden Island. Stardusts new home for at least a year!! Thanks Ian for the ride to Astoria yesterday!! Paul, thanks for crewing!! And Alli for celebrating with us.

Home - July 23

We arrived at the docks at about 2:30 Monday.  We were met by a couple of my friends and sailing partners, Mike and Rob, to help tie up.  A few minutes later my shift from work showed up in the fire engine and brought me cheetoes.  :)  Alli had brought my truck down and left it at the marina for me and had a 4 pack of my favorite local beer (Fort George - Vortex)in a cooler waiting on the front seat.  Perfect!  A nice little celebration beer for Bob and I.  After a little clean up time and hopefully a short nap for Bob, his wife Becky and son Ian showed up from Portland.  We all went out for dinner and then it was back to the boat for Bob and Becky, with Ian driving back to Portland.  Bob and Becky are leaving again first thing Tuesday morning to start the trip up river back to Portland.  I am sure that this feels "right" to Bob.  After all the years and countless miles (well over 40,000 for this trip alone) of cruising, this trip from Hawaii is the first leg that he has not had Becky on board with him.  I'm honored that I was able to assist so she could stay home and play grandma.

Monday, July 23, 2012

In the river!

We are over the bar and in the river. Nice flat water and a bit of current pushing is now. Just passed buoy 12.

At the bar... Kind of.

July 23, 1200. Well, we are almost to the bar. Currently we are coming up on buoy 3. The ebb tide has been especially strong and even though it should be the start of the flood we are still fighting about 3 knots of current. Will update later.